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Analysis of short time difficult to obtain bank loans of 3 people

start from the same starting line, but in the end we got the loan funds available are significantly different from, some as quick as rocket, funds arrive a day or two, while others are slow to a crawl, a falling credit for two months. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, there are loans for different reasons, there are also personal reasons. Next, to count down with us, within a short time difficult to obtain bank loans of 3 people.

1. when careless
  apply for a personal loan, fill in the loan application will always be around past a point. Meanwhile, somewhat careless, wrong information will delay the loan approval process. The reason, every item on the form letter will be personally verified, deviations if traces are found, ranging from making a comeback, and fill it out again, directly denied loans because of doubts. There used to be a friend, fill in spouse phone, accidentally write a wrong digit, we can imagine is, calls in the past, contacts without success. Then the loan officer learned that causes denied loans, and tell it to borrowers, after a turnover, giving borrowers a chance to fill in the phone.

  in addition to the delay in haste, there are actors, made the decision to fire started in a hurry, not to time slips away leave the gap. Although quite a spell, but sometimes hasty action, the result was the opposite, this phenomenon is mainly concentrated in the Bank's mortgage market, due to the cumbersome business procedures, there are still a couple of months to get my loan.

3. delay
  some people have no sense of suffering from loan procrastination, procrastinators biggest thought cancer was "wait, later actions", for their part, begins to take the first step is always so difficult and heavy. Many procrastinators will go through the mental process:
  day has consulted in advance, and their backs, tomorrow to raise the application materials.
  the next day: today was just too busy, or is one day later.
  the fourth day: what is it? That limit, up 500,000 I don't credit enough.
  fifth day: did my application materials?
  the sixth day: money such as I am worried, please help me urgent.
  seventh day: money to come down now? Hair is on my side.
  loans: don't wait until the immediate step by step approach, feeling that time is money. To raise money, the best plan in advance, and flawless execution, do today is today, will be able to keep things under control.

there are two reasons for this phenomenon, first, forget shopping around the first law of thermodynamics, say, efficiency of the banks, lending some two or three weeks, a two-month loan. Secondly, the preferences alone, lent strength to, now serves as the Bank's loan guarantee company assistants, go through expedited procedures, usually two weeks to fall and loan. After all, the crux of the low efficiency of loans did not prepare lessons.


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