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How do people apply for small loans to individuals without work?

not working how do I apply for microcredit? the King needed money, planned to apply for small loans to individuals, but heard that not working is not to apply. He had to leave for a long period of time, some worry more about the success of the loan. So, no work how do I apply for a small loan?

not working how do I apply for small loans? in General, no work is not eligible for small loans. Because people with no work, no steady source of income. After the lending financial institutions, it is difficult to timely recovery of principal and interest. Out of consideration for risk, financial institutions generally do not accept people with no work to apply for small loans.

However, if the borrower's name on the car, can apply for small cars by means of mortgage loans. In General, vehicle mortgages do not require the borrower needs to have work, as long as the vehicles meet certain conditions can apply for, such as age maximum of no more than 5 years, lowest number at 50,000 yuan. You need to know is, at present, only very few banks such as the Bank for the business, the borrower may apply to the non-bank financial institutions.

Bank currently has a variety of small credit loans products, provided water is not used on the same day loans. Loans such as mortgage loans, insurance policies, and so on. Introduce specific application conditions:
1, arrived in months for the loan: repayment six months and credits each month for 30 times times 1 years of repayment, loan monthly payments 45 times. Requiring real estate or one in Beijing. Note, mortgage settlement within six months to apply for the!!
2, car loan monthly payment loans: a Beijing Hukou, car loan repayments under 1 year (closed within 1 year), loan monthly payments 36 times. Credit card installment purchases, too fit.
3, auto insurance credit: hand car, aged 1-5 years, CDW above 150,000, Beijing, insurance paid for more than three months. Need to remind borrowers is that vehicle as collateral procedures complete, or loan will be rejected.
4, policy loans: in the main risks within the validity period of the contract, agreed to by our company, you can contribute to our company to apply for a policy loan, the loan amount to the cash value of the policy 80%. If you have a need, through project lending. (Note: Dang policyholders and was insurer for non-same people and was insurer not authorized Shi, needed was insurer authorized; delegate others handle Shi, by trustee only limited application qualification people of parents, and spouse, and children, immediate family handle)
5, and Provident Fund loan: Beijing people, Provident Fund continuous paid one years above and current for normal state (non-fill make State) payment units and work units must consistent. Provident Fund contribution base not less than 4000 Yuan (housing, individuals and companies to pay each month and no less than 400 Yuan).

borrower is not working, can also go to a loan guarantee the company apply for a car loan. Mortgage loan borrowers if there is not important, as long as eligible collateral. There is, you can apply for a loan when looking for a reliable guarantor, the guarantor when the borrower's repayment in full and cannot bear joint and several liability, as long as they can find a guarantor have secured qualification and security capacity, you can pass the loans secured loans. You can also use the availability of guarantor, guarantor loans on behalf of.


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