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Rental cars can a mortgage loan?

  according to the yanzhao evening news reported, rented a car from a car rental company, car mortgage of 90,000 yuan. Recently, Xinhua district, Shijiazhuang Court made a verdict on the case: Wang Fei of the accused committed the crime of contract fraud, sentenced to one year and six months and fined 30,000 yuan.

35 years old, hold part-time jobs to earn a living, Wang Fei in stone, occasionally that can be mortgaged car approach to microfinance, and crooked mind. One day in September 2014, Wang Fei came to Shijiazhuang, a car rental company, to run the business in the name of car rental contract with the leasing company, contract a period of a month, rent 7000 Yuan, rented a Toyota car cheat. Car in hand, Wang Fei returned to his home city of Henan province, found a car mortgage Cui, car rental car as collateral for the CUI, Cui somewhere to borrow $ 90,000 yuan. In October, car lease, leasing companies can not find Wang Fei had called the police. In November of that year, Wang Fei arrested by the police.

using his car as collateral loan, is one of the normal methods for solving financial problems. But with a rental car mortgage, even if the fraud! On the "rent a mortgage scam," there is plenty of news, such as some vanity car hire flaunt, mortgage scam can't escape responsibility; mortgage changed hands after someone spend 5000 rental car, lied to 40,000; for usury, go rent a car and mortgage loan after loan-sharking; addict car rental after the mortgage to buy drugs ...

used rental cars to make the mortgage, the review process was how? Have found an advertisement posted on the wall of mortgage news, inspiration, we thought of rent-a-car loans mortgage fraud waste. So he leased luxury cars and handling of false vehicle registration certificate and other documents, the leased vehicle as collateral for Wang and others, to defraud crazy borrowing splurge. Many consignment, mortgage, personal loan-sharking activities of managers, not the vehicles are from legitimate sources, just to collect money from fuelling the rental fraud to a certain program behaviors.

How to prevent car rental scam? In recent years, with the rise of the car rental industry, car rental companies are cheating incident also frequent exposure, even some bag rental company playing back rental vehicles to the mortgage. First, due to lack of communication between the car rental industry, more vulnerabilities, giving criminals an opportunity; second, because car rental companies lack effective review of rental status. In addition to using fake ID cards, driver's license, account of this and other documents for security lie to rent out, and use other property mortgaged cheat rent, forged documents lie to rent, set up shell companies to defraud Allied vehicles, and so on.

no money in hand, can't use a rental vehicle to do mortgages can find regular channels to address funding issues. If individuals are inferior, unable to audit through the Bank or loan guarantees to companies for help.

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